Not Rocket Finance

Up until now, the financial world has made it really hard for you to understand what you need, and how to get it. 

Most small business financial education out there is not actually designed for small business owners. It’s all accountants, spreadsheet freaks, and corporate types.

That’s not you.

Not Rocket Finance is the business financial course that speaks human, not accountant.

Created by a Chief Financial Officer for small business owners just like you. No jargon, MBA, or gray suit required.


This small business financial management course is designed specifically and thoughtfully for:

  • Experienced coaches, consultants, and agency owners who have been running their business for a few years now
  • Solopreneurs and small team-runners who have no interest in vanity metrics or bragging rights
  • Any small business owner who wants to grow thoughtfully and strategically — and who knows that understanding their small business financials is an unavoidable part of that growth


ONE MEELYUN DOLLARS! Just kidding. I mean, you might make a million bucks, but I can’t guarantee that. What I CAN guarantee is that you’ll…

  • Feel wildly capable when it comes to managing your business finances… without spending an eternity in QuickBooks OR feeling bad about past mistakes
  • Confidently make data-based decisions about how to grow your business
  • Build an efficient, resilient business that’s actually fun to run #hustleculturesucks
  • Have a much better grasp of where your revenue is coming from, how it’s being spent, and how you might want to adjust those levers
  • Be able to find and pull meaningful metrics, and run reports that keep you on top of your business — instead of the other way around
  • Never be caught with your metaphorical tax pants down again. Take that, IRS!
  • Ditch the shame around your financial processes (or lack thereof)
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